Sunday, August 29, 2010

This painting...

I added a coat of black to the one with wood and cloth from my earlier post then I dry-brushed gold over it and gold splatters. Not sure what to do with it yet, or if it's finished.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

First attempt at burn scars

This was my first attempt at creating scarring from burns using my Ben Nye Scar Gel on Scott's face. I'm not too satisfied with the results so I will experiment with different materials next time.
Click photos to view full size

Monday, August 16, 2010

Paintings in Process

Here are a couple of my in process paintings. They are going to be part of my ArtForSharks series of shark related artwork which I plan to sell and then donate a percentage of the earnings to the Sea Shepherd's Shark Defense Campaign. The first one on the left is a framed cork-board covered in strips of newspaper stuck on with wallpaper paste and has a thin layer of white painted over. The middle is three small wooden squares glued together and wrapped in fabric. The one on the right is a shelf with a wood texture painted on and a thin layer of blotchy green and blue. I don't have any definite ideas for these yet so we'll see what happens. 
you can see the completed ArtForSharks paintings >HERE< (they're the first few displayed)

Halloween Makeup Test #1

Here is the first full face makeup with contacts for my Halloween costume. I plan on being a zombie tennis player which will include a headband so i didn't add much detail on the forehead since it will be covered. Hopefully I can get a hold of a broken tennis racket as well.